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Explore the most beautiful places in Europe WITH ME!

Hi, I'm Denise!

Content creator and travel enthusiast!

I want to inspire you for the exciting diversity of Europe. My travel guides are based on this intention. Head off, travel on - that's the idea! Will you come along?

Experiencing thrilling cities or discovering a country during a road trip - having a plan is always a good idea.

Inside my ebooks you will find my travel expertise on sightseeing, culture, food and lifestyle. And all this with one click! Bye Google and doing your own research!

+ direct links to all locations with details about entrance fees, opening times and websites

+ digital city maps or route plans

+ unlimited access to your travel guide

+ thought sustainably

Where is your next trip going to?

the new way to travel - inspiring, educational and sustainable

Easy to work with - use the direct links to all selected places

access at any time on your mobile devices - for a convenient, paperless, digital travel experience

for a relaxing trip with lots of insider tips

Travel Guide

You need my digital travel guide if...
Feel free to click the Pictures

..you want to travel in a relaxed way!

...you know all the great spots without doing any extensive research by yourself.

Handy in der Hand, auf dem Bildschirm sieht man eine Seite des Reiseführer, mehrere Tabletcover mit Vorschau den Reiseführers

..you want to experience the city off the beaten path!

I'll show you hidden places that lead you off the beaten track.

Handy mit Reiseführer, auf dem Bildschirm eine Vorschau des Reiseführers, Direktverlinkung zu Websites und Google Maps

..you don´t want to be disorganized!

...all information about fees, opening hours, location details and websites are interlinked.

Tablet mit Stadtplan des Reiseführers, mehrere Bilder von Paris im Hintergrund

..you want to be easily navigated through the city!

...with the digital city maps you know exactly where to find what and save precious travel time.


I'm Denise, creative mind and photographer. I travel through Europe and share my stories with you.

Traveling is a way of life for me.

Being an explorer, experiencing adventure, feeling freedom and passion for life.

I like to be inspired and be an inspiration at the same time.

Traveling in Europe has offered me new perspectives. I have never returned from my journeys as the same person. It's the magic of traveling. I want to share it with you.